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Visiting Flag Plaza in Jersey City – a Place of Patriotism and Beautiful Views

Jersey City is patriotic. Perhaps it has to do with the times we are living in. Perhaps it’s the ever-looming power and significance of 9/11 which has eternally shaped the cultural climate of the region.

Whatever it may be, Jersey City has a number of places which celebrate our history as a country, showcasing what we have accomplished and proving what we can continue to achieve if we put our mind to it.

Flag Plaza is one of the most resonant public parks in the city. Public parks are a wonderful community asset, as they bring calmness and tranquility to a local neighborhood. They give kids a place to play and adults a place to relax.

Flag Plaza may not be filled with jungle gyms and rides, but it is an idyllic and positive place to contemplate our own personal place in the world.

All Jersey City locals should spend a reflective afternoon visiting this important site. So what is Flag Plaza?

Visiting Flag Plaza

Flag Plaza is located about 15 minutes by vehicle from our Jersey City rentals at 90 Columbus. You can easily visit it in a day from our luxury Jersey City rentals and return back with plenty of time for other fun things to do.

In short, Flag Plaza is a park. The well-maintained greens and open spaces are wonderful for meditating and relaxing. The park features 13 American flags which stand tall in the air in a large circle. There’s a pathway along the water as well as some metered viewing stations.

The Views

What makes the park particular powerful is its views. It stands as a powerful testament to the Statue of Liberty. You can see the famous statue right from the park. It looms triumphantly over the water, making for some dazzling photographs. Right behind the statue is the majestic and staggering Manhattan skyline.

We highly recommend you visit from our local no-fee apartments Jersey City during the sunset. The glow of the sunset over the Statue of Liberty, and Flag Plaza’s circle of American flags, is something you won’t soon forget.


The site represents some important local history. Ronald Regan delivered pivotal campaign speeches here. The site also hosts many local music events for jazz and rock music, as well as meetups for social groups.

It is not the only attraction near our no-fee rentals in Jersey City. You can review other attractions in the neighborhood, like the Liberty Science Center and the sprawling greens of Liberty State Park. Contact us for more things to do in and around our luxury Jersey City apartments.