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Top Three Under the Radar Attractions in Jersey City

When you think of things to do and see in Jersey City, you may think of some of the area’s most cherished attractions, like Liberty State Park and Ellis Island. Both of these attractions are iconic and renowned throughout the world for their cultural importance.

But what about some of the attractions that seem to slip under the radar? We look at the top attractions in Jersey City you may have missed. You can visit all of them in a few hours and return back to our Jersey City rentals just in time to catch a movie for the night.

Liberty Science Center

This enthralling non-profit educational center embraces every little nook of scientific study and exploration. You can journey through the pride lands with Simba in The Lion Guard Exhibit. The night sky is all yours with the Wonders of the Night Sky live planetarium presentation. The Microbes Rule! art gallery showcases exactly how even microbes can be “magical” works of art.

Empty Sky Memorial

The Empty Sky Memorial is a sobering look at 9/11 and its global impact. The memorial showcases how the event affected the whole world, and how Jersey City seeks to recognize and memorialize those we lost.

There were 749 individuals from Jersey City who died that day, with their names engraved along two staggering walls which make up the memorial.

There is a pathway between the two in a tight corridor, opening up to the Manhattan skyline- and the location where the two towers were once present.

This treasured attraction is just a few blocks along the waterfront from our Jersey City apartments.

The Landmark Loew’s Jersey Theatre

The Jersey Theatre is not just a landmark- it is the landmark. Resting at a significant transportation hub, and one you are bound to use when living at one of our no-fee rentals in Jersey City, is this iconic local theatre.

It has sat here since the 1920’s, playing some of the best American classic in history. Nowadays, you can still catch classic films and even a live concert. Visit any old day, and you can admire this underappreciated local attraction, and example of the city’s adorning and eternal love for film.

Our luxury Jersey City rentals are your backdrop to getting the most out of living in Jersey City. Don’t skip out on any of these lovely attractions as you enjoy this next phase of your life.