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Three Reasons Why New Yorkers Keep Thinking About (and Moving) to Jersey City

With the numerous misconceptions about Jersey City, many New Yorkers may hesitate to move across the bridge. But smart and savvy New Yorkers are finding out that Jersey City is a prized jewel of the northeast, and a promising place to start a family, grow a career, and make big steps forward.

Interesting, many New Yorkers are finding some really fantastic reasons to move on over to our luxury Jersey City rentals. What is continuing to bring New Yorkers across the water in droves?

The Jersey City Renaissance

Public parks are cropping up. New cafes are opening. Jersey City is in the middle of an epic Renaissance. There’s a real sense of community mixed with new development, such as a 100-acre mega project for 2019. Combine this with the competitively priced living and you have a perfect combination for quick cultural growth.

Transportation Options

There are several convenient methods of transportation. One set of options caters to local city transportation and the other for travel to New York City. Both are accessible. There are both state-run and independent bus lines, as well as the highly-trafficked and vital PATH train.

For an added bonus, you can even take the ferry across the Hudson. There are multiple ways you can travel to and from our Jersey City rentals, whether you are traveling in Jersey City or to the Big Apple, by train, boat or by bus.


Businesses are turning to Jersey City in huge numbers, and the reason is clear- money.

Big companies are saving millions by turning away from the excessive costs of Manhattan to the more reasonably priced offices of Jersey City. This includes Barclays, Goldman Sachs, and PriceWaterhouseCoopers. They are bringing jobs and a vibrant economy to the city.

There’s also some attractive historical sites, like Journal Square, that have attracted many visitors and young business professionals. This business district sits in one of the most elegant squares in the city within a 10-minute PATH ride from our no-fee apartments in Jersey City. Journal Square is home to some top-level restaurants, like Deccan Spice and Korai Kitchen.

You can find new office facilities as well as historical buildings near our no-fee rentals in Jersey City. It is a spectacular mix of the old and new, showing that Jersey City is growing- and growing up.

Contact us for more on our available Jersey City apartments. See what this prosperous city is offering as it only gets bigger and better.