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Three Misconceptions About Living in Jersey City

Sometimes, it can seem like Jersey City is just the stepsister to New York City. But we don’t see it that way at all. Modern Jersey City is filled with dramatic luxury and contemporary beauty, similar to Manhattan in many ways. Our Jersey City Rentals embody this spirit.

We seek to find what people often misconstrue about living in Jersey City. What are some of the most common misconceptions about the city, and how are they wrong?

Myth #1 – Transportation to NYC is a Challenge

Transportation to the city is anything but a challenge. Jersey City locals have a quite a few options available to them. Our Jersey City apartments are right near the Grove Street PATH train station, which is a great access point to many top attractions in New York City.

Transportation to and from our no-fee rentals in Jersey City is simple. The area has a few competing taxi services, as well as the public bus system, called the New Jersey transit. This is an extremely effective option for getting in and around the city.

Myth #2 – Jersey City is Less Desirable Than Manhattan

The New York Times posted an interesting article about the city in 2018 titled “Jersey City Grows Up.” It not only covers how far Jersey City has come, but how untrue many of the perceptions of the city are today.

Many aspiring New Yorkers are being priced-out of the city and turning to the competitively priced rentals of Jersey City. The city saw a population increase of 9.3% since 2010, and the number of families have increased about 3,000 [1].

Young families are electing to stay in the city due to cost, the rising number of families, urban renewal, and more. The area is still undergoing a rather dramatic reinvention.

Myth #3 – Jersey City isn’t Luxurious

Our luxury Jersey City rentals prove that the city can be radiant and stunning. We have fitted the no-fee apartments in Jersey City with captivating décor and design. The organic and natural-inspired look is stellar. Despite sitting in an urban sprawl, the designers have crafted aesthetics borrowed from rolling landscapes and natural vistas.

There’s a bounce and curve to the décor that is anything but rigid and urban. Fireplaces, brick, and other additions help set a warm and cozy tone, something that is completely opposite what many people think living in Jersey City is like.

Learn more about Jersey City by visiting! See the streets, explore our rentals, and consider a future by the waterfront.

1. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/10/26/realestate/jersey-city-grows-up.html